Welcome to the Unpacking TPACK wiki!

Learning to Teach with Technology

So how do you teach with technology successfully? The purpose of this wiki is to introduce you to a taxonomy of skills, actions, and characteristics that will support you in developing the knowledge you need to have in order to plan and implement technology meaningfully and successfully!

To fully understand the types of knowledge you should have in order to be successful when you teach with technology, visit the 'Unpacking TPACK' link.

The Taxonomy link provides an overview of planning and implementation characteristics developed from research of pre-service teachers' practice in elementary classrooms. These TPACK characteristics have been identified as useful in supporting successful implementation of technologically-enhanced lessons across subject areas.

We hope prospective teachers (and those teachers novice to teaching with technology), as well as teacher educators and researchers, will find the information helpful for designing and implementing lessons that use technology appropriately.

Feel free to email us with comments or questions.

Candace Figg & Kamini Jaipal
Faculty of Education, Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Email: cfigg@brocku.ca