Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK Characteristics)

During the planning and implementation of a technology-enhanced lesson, TPK was found to be most influential in teacher success. TPK is characterized by:

Ability to make choices during planning demonstrated by:
Activity choices
*Selecting appropriate models of teaching, such as inquiry-based lessons or project-based lessons, to achieve subject area learning outcome
*Selecting appropriate technology activities and pedagogical instructional strategies
*Using collaborative planning for feedback on choices

*Sequencing lessons within the unit to build overall technical skills and subject matter knowledge
*Sequencing differentiated activities within the lesson to scaffold student learning of technology procedures/skills

*Introduction of only a few new skills at a time
*Simple, brief handouts
*Knowledge of technical skill level of students

Ability to act in the following ways during lesson implementation:
*Practicing procedures with tool in context of lesson prior to instruction
*Preparing a backup plan
*Engaging in cycles of reflective feedback

Classroom Management
*Using appropriate management techniques in lab
*In-class demonstrations and lab demonstrations

Modeling to and for students
*Modeling most effective techniques for tool use
*Connecting generic functions between similar software applications for the students
*Teacher-created exemplars that demonstrate subject matter outcomes

Adapted from Jaipal & Figg (in press)

TPK Characteristics